Emergency Medicine

emergency-med-cloudEmergency medicine is a medical specialty involving care for patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention. While not usually providing long-term or continuing care, emergency physicians, diagnose a variety of illnesses and undertake acute interventions to resuscitate and stabilize patients. Emergency physicians generally practice in hospital emergency departments, pre-hospital settings via emergency medical services, other locations where initial medical treatment of illness takes place, and recently the intensive-care unit. Just as clinicians operate by immediacy rules under large emergency systems, emergency practitioners aim to diagnose emergent conditions and stabilize the patient for definitive care.


Trauma team members face risk of ‘compassion fatigue’ and burnout

Trauma team members are at risk of compassion fatigue and burnout syndrome, as supported by the new research by Gina M. Berg, PhD, MBA, of University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita and colleagues. Authors identify some “stress triggers” contributing to these risks, and make recommendations to help trauma teams cope with secondary traumatic stress, reports a study in […]

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By and On Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Cleveland Pressures Hospitals To Keep ERs Open To All Ambulances

When East Cleveland’s emergency medical squad gets called to treat a man with a severe nosebleed, it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill case.

The patient walks woozily out to the ambulance from a tan house on a tree-lined street. Anthony Savoy, the head medic, calls ahead to University Hospitals, which has the closest emergency room. Savoy wants to make sure the ER has space for the patient.

By and On Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

ER Doctors Say Federal Rules Could Raise Patients’ Out-Of-Network Bills

Two professional organizations representing emergency doctors warn that a new federal rule could lead to higher out-of-pocket costs for consumers when they need emergency care outside their health plan’s network of providers. But consumer advocates and health policy experts say the groups’ proposed solution doesn’t adequately protect consumers.

By and On Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Many Hospitals Neglect Practices To Combat ER Overcrowding, Study Finds

Kaiser Health News — Crowded emergency departments have been vexing patients and hospital staff for years as consumers have increasingly sought care there. But a new study finds that many of the busiest facilities have yet to adopt several well regarded measures to reduce the wait and minimize delays. The study, published in the journal Health Affairs this week, […]

By and On Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Emergency Physicians: High-deductible Plans Delay Care

Seventy percent of emergency physicians say they routinely see insured patients in the emergency department who’ve delayed care because they can’t afford high deductibles and copays, according to survey results from the American College of Emergency Physicians. In addition, 73% of emergency physicians say they’re seeing increased numbers of Medicaid patients who’ve delayed care because they can’t […]

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Designing EDs to Cut Wait Times, Improve Patient Throughput

H&HN Magazine — In the emergency department, time counts. “Whether it’s a minor laceration or a massive heart attack, in the eyes of the patient, it’s an emergency. And they’re looking for rapid treatment,” says Susan S. McGaughan, R.N., central region business manager, emergency departments for Connecticut-based Hartford HealthCare.

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Study of ER Patient Returns Suggests Lack of Follow-up Care

AP — No one wants to make a repeat visit to the emergency room for the same complaint, but new research suggests it’s more common than previously thought and surprisingly, people frequently wind up at a different ER the second time around. Already some ERs are taking steps to find out why and try to […]

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Analysis in 150 Seconds: Boosting Bystander CPR Success

Although out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is associated with high mortality, the odds of survival improves when a bystander initiates CPR. In this video, MedPage Today medical reviewer Perry Wilson, MD, reports on a study appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine that takes a novel, and thoroughly modern, approach to getting help where it is […]

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On-Label Nasal Naloxone in the Works

Medpage Today — An official formulation of nasal naloxone for reversing opioid overdoses that doesn’t have to be used off-label may be on the market soon. Lightlake Therapeutics has opened a rolling submission of the NDA for its nasal naloxone to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to a release from the National Institute […]

By On Monday, May 18th, 2015

Reno Paramedics Steer Non-Emergency Patients Away From ERs

Reno, NV – The Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority has put an ambitious plan in place to overhaul the 911 system to improve patient care and cut costs. According to Kaiser Health News, the region is using specially trained paramedics in an attempt by health officials to reduce avoidable trips to the emergency room and […]

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